Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stan the Man

Occasionally, I come across some interesting sights on my daily walk.  If I have my phone with me, I might think to take a picture as I did earlier this spring with the poor fallen hero, unless I deem the sight too disturbing (empty rabbit skin in the gutter - how'd that happen?) or am too slow.  I wished I'd had my phone yesterday morning when I saw a deer wandering through the front yards of a nearby 40-year-old suburban neighborhood - it's not like there are any woods or open fields nearby.  I've seen a fox once or twice and heard an owl, but never a deer!  At first I thought it was a large dog but then I got a better look at its head.  We live near a narrow streamway, so I assume that's how the deer made its way into the neighborhood, but it was disconcerting watching a wild animal wandering manicured lawns with the noise of highway traffic and a train in the background.

However, some sights are too irresistible for mere photo documentation, which is how Stanley came to be.  He's comprised of objects I found on my walks over a three-day period:

His head is so reflective it was hard to get a photo that truly captures his charming smile!
Each part of Stanley is exactly as I found it.  I didn't remove the label bearing his name from anything, or bend his arms into shape.  I figured the ball would make a nice head but didn't see a face until I started trying to position his head so it wouldn't roll off his body. 

Claire and Dwayne F'. are the usual found-object artists at House Full of Nerds, and I'm pleased that Stanley can join their growing collection of junk robots. 


  1. Cute! The ball makes him look like he's wearing a hard hat, which goes with the hardware motif...

    1. Thanks - I didn't see the hard hat until you pointed it out! :-)

  2. Awww... he's adorable! Welcome to the dark side of robot recognition. Once you start thinking in terms of making something, all those little bits-o-crap on the side of the road become irresistible. Well, almost. I've managed to resist picking up all the Red Bull cans and N.O.S. mini bottles that truck drivers toss in the business park.