Sunday, May 13, 2012

Converter Convert

Disclaimer:  My "collection" = 3 functional pens and one antique store folly.  (Note to self - research brand information before buying your next old pen!)
The ink color in the scan came out pretty close (Thank you, Epson!), but I think the purple looks a touch bluer than the original - or maybe it's just my laptop screen.  Or how the ink looks against the paper, which provides an excuse to continue the happy task of experimenting.

One thing I love about fountain pens is that they take up less space than typewriters, which is a good thing, considering Dwayne F.'s growing fascination with them.  And, now that I've discovered the joy of converters, I can indulge in multiple ink options with the happy abandon of an 8-year-old with a four-color ballpoint pen.   

On a final note, after reading the pencast, Hannah informed me that when she goes to prom, she wants me to be her "style consultant" - heaven help us both, considering that "dressed up" for me means wearing a shirt without writing on it!  When I think about it, though, it's a pretty cool thing to hear on Mother's Day.


  1. Very nice. I use converters in all my pens and keep a few cartridges at work just in case my pen runs dry.

    For a real challenge calibrate your monitor to your scanner to your camera to real-life color. It'll keep most people busy for a day or more.

    1. That does sound like a real challenge! I wasn't kidding when I said getting the converter to work was a small triumph for me - and that's a nice, mechanical device so self-explanatory that Lamy didn't see the need to include instructions :-)